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Thursday 21 November

  08:30-10:00 10:30-12:00   13:00-14:30 15:00-16:00
Lanna Ballroom 1
(600 seats)

• Welcome speech : Suthep Udomsawaengsup
• Opening speach : Allen Bruenafe
• Innovation talk : Petch Viriya
• Clinical talk

Lunch Symposium
Upper GI 1
“MIS gastrectomy; How i do it”

Moderators : C. Palanivelu, Seigo KITANO

• Laparoscopic distal gastrectomy : Selman Uranues
• Laparoscopic total gastrectomy : Noriyuki Inaki
• “Laparoscopic proximal gastrectomy for gastric cancer” present and future : Vo Duy Long
• Single port gastrectomy: update : Sang Hoon Ahn
• Laparoscopic gastrectomy for advanced gastric cancer: Hyung-Ho Kim •Laparoscopic approach for gastric GIST : Do Joong Park

Upper GI 2
“Advances MIS approach for upper GI disease”

Moderators : Do Joong Park, Zafer Said MATAR

• Laparoscopic surgery after neoadjuvant chemotherapy: Noriyuki Inaki
• Redo achalasia: How to approach? : Eduardo M Targorana
• Laparoscopic Paraesophageal Hernia Repair: 25 years of experience : Barry Salky
• Robotic approach for gastric tumor : Asada Methasate
• Laparoscopic management for PU perforation : Siow Sze li
• Robotic diverticulectomy : Jirawat Swangsri

Lanna Ballroom 2
(600 seats)
  Opening and Keynote
“Trends and innovations”

Moderators : Craig Lynch, Jirawat Pattana-arun

• Current status and future perspectives of navigation surgery for colorectal cancer; fluorescence-guided, CT/MR-imaging, and AI-navigation : M. Inomata
• Minimally invasive approach in colorectal surgery : looking forward to the future : Simon Ng
• Laparoscopic role for T4 tumors : Chucheep Sahakitrungruang
• Stage IV Cancer : What could we offer? : Kevin Yau
• Microbiome : Is There a New Way to Reduce Anastomotic Leaks? Barry Salky
• Disruptive Technology: Stapler Misfire and good staple technique : Masaaki Ito
• What is the Promise of Indocyanin Green Angiography : TBA

“The BEST approach for rectal cancer surgery, How i do it and The debate”

Moderators : Charles Tsang, Chucheep Sahakitrungruang

How i do it?

• Robotic TAMIS with the Xi Platform Craig Lynch
• laTME Allen Bruanafe
• taTME Masaaki Ito
• ro trananal TME Simon Ng
• Sphincter Saving Procedure for Low Lying Rectal Cancer Jun-Gi Kim

The Debate or the cases discussion : all faculties

Sukhothai 1
(110 seats)

Nutrition and ERAS
“Best Perioperative Care in MIS”

Moderators : Kin Fah CHIN, Suphakarn TECHAPONGSATORN

• Anesthesia & Analgesia : TBA
• Deep neuromuscular block in laparoscopic surgery : Siow Sze li
• Enhanced recovery program : Varut Lohsiriwat
• Fluid management in Laparoscopic surgery : TBA
• Nutrition in Bariatric surgery : Simon wong


Moderators : Phillip CHIU, Horacio Asbun

• New advances in devices for minimally invasive surgery : Song Cheng-Li
• Reduced-port needle-instruments for MIS : Andrea Pietrabissa
• 3D Technologies for Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery : Wayne Huang
• SPACE technologies for EFTR : Kiyokazu Nakajima
• Innovation and advances in Robotics for Minimally Invasive Surgery : Amir Szold
• Endoluminal Robotics – the latest advances : Philip Chiu
• Affordable Robotics for Minimally Invasive Surgery : Suresh V Deshpande

Complication SECTION

Moderators : Win MYINT, Humayun Kabir CHOWDHURY

• Peritoneal access complication - Prevention and management Ramesh Agarwalla
• CBD injuries - how they happen and prevent : Selman Uranues
• Surgical management of complications following Upper GI surgery : Asim Shabbir
• New Therapies for Gastroparesis- from Gastric stimulators to Per Oral Pyloromytomy : Matthew Kroh
• Post hernia repair complication: Jaideep Rao

Sukhothai 2
(110 seats)

“Collaboration in Asia : Activities reports from Countries”

Moderators : Davide Lomanto, Masafumi Inomata

1. Australia : Craig Lynch
2. Bangladesh : Sarder A NAYEEM
3. Brunei : Kenneth Y Y KOK
4. China: Minhua ZHENG
5. Hong Kong : Kevin YAU
6. India : Suresh Deshpande
7. Indonesia : Barlian SUTEDJA
8. Japan : Seigo KITANO
9. Cambodia (introduction) : Lem Dara

“Collaboration in Asia : Activities reports from Countries”

Moderators : Allen Bruanafe, Michael K W LI

1. Korea : Ho-Seong Han
2. Macau : Cheuck-seen Edward LAI
3. Malaysia : K Vasudeavan VIMAL
4. Myanmar : Htun Oo
5. Nepal : Shailesh Adhikary
6. Oman : Vishwanath Golash
7. Pakistan : Abdul Aziz Laghari
8. Philippines : Crisostomo E ARCILLA
9. Laos (Introduction): Phouvong Vongphakdy

“Collaboration in Asia : Activities reports from Countries”

Moderators : Suthep Udomsawaengsup, Barlian SUTEDJA

1. Saudi Arabia : Abdullah AL-DOHAYAN
2. Singapore : Wei Keat CHEAH
3. Sri Lanka : Samarasekera Nandadeva
4. Taiwan : Wei Jei LEE
5. Turkey : Mahir Ozmen
6. UAE : Al Jaziri AHMAD
7. Vietnam : Tran Binh GIANG
8. Thailand : Suphakarn TECHAPONGSATORN
9. Uzbekistan (Introduction) : Jamshid Shamsiyev

Sukhothai 3
(110 seats)

Endocrine 1

Moderators : Angkoon Anuwong, Allen Bruanafe

• Current trend of Minimally Invasive Endocrine Surgery: From conventional to scarless surgery : Suchart Chantawibul
• Recent updated evidences of bilateral axillo breast approach (BABA) robotic thyroid surgery : Young Jun Chai
• Axilla Breast Shoulder (ABS) Endoscopic Thyroidectomy : Ike Mendosa
• Transareolar Endoscopic Thyroidectomy : Cun Chun Wang
• Yonsei Experience of 7,000 Robotic Thyroid Surgeries : Woong Youn Chung

Endocrine 2

Moderators : Wei Keat CHEAH, Pornpeera Jitpratoom

• Transoral Endoscopic Thyroidectomy : 1,700 cases experience : Angkoon Anuwong
• Transoral Endoscopic Parathyroidectomy using ICG : Thanyawat Sasanakietkul
• Initial experience of transoral robotic thyroidectomy and da Vinci SP robotic thyroidectomy : Woong Youn Chung
• Transoral Robotic Thyroidectomy (TORT) using da Vinci Xi System;The Updates : Hoon Yub Kim
• Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM) in Transoral Endoscopic Thyroidectomy : Young Jun Chai

Endocrine 3

Moderators : Hoon Yub Kim, Ike Mendosa

• Active Surveillance Instead of Surgery for Thyroid Cancer - Still No Surgery? : Suebwong Chuthapisith
• Robotic lateral neck dissection for thyroid cancer ; learning from 500 case experience : Woong Youn Chung
• Treating functional adrenal adenomas - the non-invasive surgical options: Shirley Liu

(50 seats)
Free paper 1
(Hernia 1)

Moderators : Pakkavuth Chanswangphuvana, Rakesh Gupta
Free paper 2
Free paper 3
Auditorium Theater
(110 seats)
(VDO Award section)

Moderators : Le Quan Anh Tuan, Matthew Kroh, Siripong Cheewatanakornkul

ELSA/APHS Conjoint Session for Hernia Debate section 1

Moderators : Barlian SUTEDJA, Kenneth YY Kok

• TEP (Rolf U Hartung) vs TEP plus (Jaideep Rao)
• IPOM is still standard, agree (Anil Sharma) or not agree? (George Yang)
• Hiatal hernia : mesh (Bipan Chand) VS no mesh (Asim Shabbir)

Debate 2

Moderators : Errawan WIRADISURIA, Panot Yimjareon

• Debate : Endoscopic vs Robotic Thyroidectomy by Pornpeera Jitpratoom vs Young Jun Chai 30 minutes

Friday 22 November

  08:30-10:00 10:30-12:00   13:00-14:30 15:00-16:00
Lanna Ballroom 1
(600 seats)

“Young Experts in Asia”

Moderators : Goro Honda, Le Quan Anh Tuan

• Laparoscopic liver resection, how we start and improve : Tran Cong Duy Long
• Laparoscopic liver resection:Challenge and future direction: Nan-ak Wiboonkhwan
• Lessons learned from the first 550 cases of minimally invasive hepatectomies at Singapore General Hospital : Brian KP Goh
• Ventral approach to the middle hepatic vein in laparoscopic hemihepatectomy : Ji Hoon Kim
• Simutaneous laparoscopic liver resection in Colorectal liver metastasis : Vibhusit Taesombat

"Advanced laparoscopic HBP surgery beyond feasibility”

Moderators : Go Wakabayashi, Brian KP Goh

• Lap ALPPS : Rawisak Chanwat
• Laparoscopic management of Gall bladder cancer : Anil K. Agarwal
• Laparoscopic donor hepatectomy : Kuo-Hsin Chen
• Tips and tricks of laparoscopic and robotic pancreatoduodenectomy lessons learnt in 450 cases : C. Palanivelu

Lunch Symposium
“Outcome and status of MIS for HPB surgery in 2019”

Moderators : Sa-ard Tripongkaruna, Anil K. Agarwal

• Safe diffusion of laparoscopic liver resection in Japan : Go Wakabayashi
• Evoluion of laparoscopic liver resection : Ho-Seong HAN
•Lap pancreatic surgery : Horacio J. Asbun
• Wrap-up

“Standard laparoscopic technique (Master VDOs)”

Moderators : Anusak Yiengprugsawan, Vibhusit Taesombat

• A standardized Lap-C procedure for acute cholecystitis recommended in the Tokyo Guidelines : Goro Honda
• Laparoscopic treatment of gallbladder cancer : Ho-Seong Han
• Laparoscopic central hepatectomy : Kuo-Hsin Chen
• Laparoscopic pancreatoduodenectomy : Horacio J. Asbun
• Lap Distsl Pancreatectomy : Paramin Muangkaew

Lanna Ballroom 2
(600 seats)

Quality Improvement SECTION
Moderators : Errawan WIRADISURIA, Sutdahchit Linananda

• Medico-legal challenges in mis and managing problems when they arise : Gafoor Mubarak
• Embracing the culture of safety in Laparoscopic Surgery : Rey Melchor F SANTOS
• The PALES Zero bile duct injury Campaign in Philippines : An Advocacy Program : Ike mendosa
• The institution of a regional multidisciplinary team for the integrate management of Abdominal Wall Defect : Alessandro Carrara
• Quality assessment in bariatric surgery practice and results : Nicola Di Lorenzo

“Masters MIS for Inguinal Hernia : Tips and Tricks you can’t find in Textbook”

Moderators : Ramesh Agarwalla, Satient TUMTAVITIKUL

• Simplified TEP technique for Inguinal Hernia repair : Rolf U Hartung
• TAPP Inguinal Hernia repair using Needlescopic Instrument : Kaisuke Yamamoto
• extended-view TEP : More ergonomics we can : Pawan Chansaenroj
• The Decision Making in managing of Complex Inguinal Hernia : Gafoor Mubarak
• Recurrent inguinal hernia after minimally invasive repair : is it possible to redo? Le Quan Anh Tuan

“Minimally invasive approach for Ventral hernia : Practicalities from the Experts”

Moderators : K Vasudeavan VIMAL, Rey Melchor F SANTOS

• IPOM : How to achieve favourable outcome : Jaideep Rao
• From IPOM to POM : George Yang
• Laparoscopic eTEP for ventral/incisional hernia : Kuo-Hsin Chen
• eTEP TAR in treating complex incisional hernias personel experince gained in first 200 cases : C. Palanivelu
• Diastasis recti : Endolaparoscopic sublay stapler repair (THT technique) : Alessandro Carrara

“The Miscellaneous”

Moderators : Al Jaziri AHMAD, Anil Sharma

• TAPP in Giant inguino-scrotal hernia : Kaisuke Yamamoto
• Hernia repair at challenging location : Rakesh Gupta
• Laparoscopic parastomal hernia repair : Best options for fixing Stephen Yao
• Obesity and Hernia : Abdullah Al-Dohayan
• Liver cirrhosis and ventral hernia repair : Asim Shabbir
• Biomaterial for hernia repair : Rolf U Hartung

Sukhothai 1
(110 seats)

Bariatric 1
“Safety, Quality and Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery”

Moderators : Abdullah AL-DOHAYAN, Voraboot Taweerutchana

• Optimization of preoperative evaluation and patient selection in Bariatric surgery : “Who should we do, what should be done?” Pornthep Prathanvanich
• “Tailor-made Bariatric Surgery” : How I choose the right procedure? Yong Jin Kim
• Preoperative weight loss in Bariatric surgery : “Do we really need it?” : Stanley Rogers
• The True of Success in Bariatric Surgery : “How should we define it?” : Bipan Chand
• “Does it really matter?” : Enhanced Recovery After Bariatric Surgery (ERABS) : Asim Shabbir
• How to be a Center of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery? : the secret of success : WJ Lee

Bariatric 2
“Weight Recidivism and Complications after Bariatric surgery”

Moderators : Kin Fah CHIN, M Laddawala

• Revision Bariatric Surgery “When to do and not to do?” : Nicola Di Lorenzo
• Leak management after Bariatric Surgery “What is the current status?” : Yong Jin Kim
• How to deal with complicated marginal ulcer after gastric bypass? : CK Huang
• Treatment of stenosis after Bariatric Surgery : Surgery or Endoscopic therapy? : Simon Wong
• New endoluminal solutions for Weight regain after RYGB : Nicola Di Lorenzo

Bariatric 3
“Surgical treatment for Metabolic Surgery”

Moderators : Mahir Ozmen

• Novel Procedure for Metabolic Surgery “What is the rising star?” CK Huang
• Diabetic Surgery in Asia “ Where are we now?” K. Kasama
• “NASH can be ameliorated” : The Power of Bariatric Surgery : M. Laddawala
• Bariatric Surgery in PCOS “How does it work?” : Camilo Boza
• What is the BEST Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery for these patients? (cases scenario 2 cases) 30 min All faculties

Trauma and Emergency SECTION

Moderators : Araya kaimook, Ehsan Ur Rehman

• Laparoscopy in abdominal emergencies and trauma Selman Uranues
• Laparoscopic approach for Acute cholecystitis : Go Wakabayashi
• Laparoscopic approach in small bowel obstruction : Siow sze li
• Laparoscopic Repair of duodenal ulcer Perforation : A randomised controlled clinical trial : Shailesh Adhikary
• The role of MIS in strangulated/incarcerated groin hernia : George Yang

Sukhothai 2
(110 seats)


Moderators : Kelvin Yau, Pawit Sutharat

New Frontier in Lower GI Endoscopy
• Interventional Endoscopy for Complex Inflammatory Bowel Disease : Simon Ng
• Per rectal endoscopic myotomy (PREM) in  Hirschsprung’s disease : Amol Bapaye
• Colorectal EMR and ESD : Amol Bapaye
• Transanal Endoscopic Micro-Surgery : GV Rao
• Bridging with colonic stent for Curable colorectal cancer : good or bad? : Minhua Zheng
• Robotics in advanced therapeutic colonoscopy : Lawrance Ho Khek-Yu


Moderators : Dong-Wan Seo, Thawee Ratanachu-ek

Recent advanced in Endotherapy and beyond
• Endoscopic therapy for GI neoplasia: From luminal and beyond : Phillip Chui
• Impact of recent endoscopic technology on GI surgery : GV Rao •Endo-robotic surgery : Lawrance Ho Khek-Yu
• Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty : Amit Mydeo
• Outside the box(NOTES 2020) : GV Rao

Education and Training SECTION 1

Moderators : Davide Lomanto, Taveesin Tanprayoon

• Hernia Essentials Training Program of APHS : Anil shama
• Current activities of Asian Medical Education and Training Support : Seito Kitano
• Education roll of APELS : Michael K W LI
• Establishing a New North American Styled Academic Department of Surgery in the Middle East : Matthew Kroh
• Education and training of hernia surgery in UAE : Rolf U Hartung

Education and Training SECTION 2

Moderators : Wayne Huang, Humayun Kabir CHOWDHURY

• A New 3D printed-training platform for Laparoscopic Live-Donor nephrectomy : Andrea Pietrabissa
• Learning curve for minimally-invasive hepatectomies : personal experience and review of the current evidence Brian KP Goh
• Simulated training : Julian Varas
• Meet The Editor : Fingerhut Abe

Sukhothai 3
(110 seats)

Moderators : Horacio Asbun, Hendrik Jaap Bonjer, Davide Lomanto
“Our global vision”

Moderators : Natan Zundel, Davide Lomanto

• SAGES : Horacio Asbun
• ALACE/FELAC : Natan Zundel
• ELSA : Allen A Buenafe
• CSLES : Minhua ZHENG
• EAES : Hendrik Jaap Bonjer
• IAGES : Suresh Deshpande
• KSELS : Ho-Seong Han


Moderators : Vitoon Chinswangwatanakul

• Milestones and Future of Robotic Surgery : Is da Vinci Xi the Beginning of Dawn? : Anusak Yiengpruksawan
• Robotic Trends in Upper GI Surgery : Stanley Roger
• Robotic assisted minimally invasive esophagectomy - latest advance : Philip Chiu
• Robotic Surgery for Rectal Cancer : is it worth enough? : Kim seon Hahn
• Robotic Single Port Colorectal Surgery : Simon Ng
• Role of robotic surgery in a laparoscopic hepatopancreatobiliary surgery center : Brian KP Goh

Free paper 7
(Oral Presentation award)

Moderators : Philip Chiu, Hendrik Jaap Bonjer, Thanyadej Nimmanwudipong
(50 seats)
Free paper 4
(Upper GI)

Moderators : Worapong Anuponganan, Simon Law
Free paper 5
(Lower GI)
Free paper 6

Moderators : Kanokkarn Tepmalai, Gafoor Mubarak
Poster presentation award section
Moderators : On-teng LEI, Amir Szold, Hyung-Ho Kim, Pornthep Prathanvanich
Auditorium Theater
(110 seats)
ELSA/JSES/KSELS Conjoint session for Upper GI debate
Moderators : Kazunori Kasama, Hyung-Ho Kim, Allen Bruanafe
VDO 2 (Pride of ASIA)
Moderators : Thawatchai Akaraviputh, Michael K W LI
ELSA/APMBSS Conjoint Session for Bariatric Debate

Moderators : Nicola Di Lorenzo, Raad AlMehdi

• EGD before bariatric surgery, is essential? (Camilo boza VS Mahir Ozmen)
• “new bariatric procedures are needed now” (K. Kasama) VS “Conventional procedures are enough good” (M. Laddawala)
• What is ideal bariatric/metabolic procedures for Asian? Proposal of “sleeve PLUS” (Y. Seki) VS Bypass (Simon Wong)

Saturday 23 November

  08:30-10:00 10:30-12:00
Lanna Ballroom 1
(600 seats)

Upper GI 3
“MIS esophagectomy”

Moderators : Asada Methasate, Philip Chiu

• MIS three field esophagectomy : Vo Day Long
• Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy : Ivor Lewis or McKeown? Simon Law
• Laparoscopic Ivor-Lewis with robotic intra-thoracic anastomosis : Andrea Pietrabissa
• Laparoscopic proximal gastrectomy for upper gastric and EGJ cancer : Do Joong Park
• Laparoscopic gastrectomy with double tract reconstruction for EGJ cancer : Tammawat Parakonthun

Upper GI 4
“MIS for upper GI benign condition”

Moderators : Suriya Chakkaphak, Lem Dara

• Laparoscopic management of large esophageal hiatal hernia : C Palanivelu
• Surgical approach for GERD : Stanley Rogers
• POEM for treatment of Achalasia : Phillip Chui
• Efficacy of laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery (LARS) for laryngopharyngeal reflux disease (LPRD) : Yosuke Seki

Lanna Ballroom 2
(600 seats)

“Technique section on cancer surgery”

Moderators : Jun-Gi Kim, Paisit SIRIWITTAYAKORN

Right Side cancer
• CME, CVL : True definition : Atthaporn Trakarnsanga
• Surgical procedures of laparoscopic CME for right-sided colon cancer : Allen Bruenafe
• Intracorporeal Colonic Anastomoses : Are there advantages? : Barry Salky

Left Side Cancer
• Insider’s Perspective: Medial to Lateral Mobilization : Prapon Kanjanasilp
• Difficulty of Splenic flexure mobilization ; How i do it? : Kelvin Yue
• Back to the Basics: Good Blood Supply, No Tension of colorectal anastomosis : William Chen

Minimally invasive approach for The Best Quality of life”

Moderators: William Chen, DARIN LOHSIRIWAT

• Advance methods for management of rectal prolapse - LVR how i do it : Jirawat Pattana-Arun
• MIS for Hemorrhoidal disease : Varut Lohsiriwat
• Fistula in ano approach : what do the evidence- base said? : Charles Tsang
• Is laparoscopic sugery safe for the mid and low rectal cancer? Jun-Gi Kim
• Laparoscopic approach for Colorectal anastomotic leakage : Kim Seon Hahn
• Laparoscopic Surgery for Complex Crohn"s Disease : Barry Salky
• Retrorectal tumor : Eduardo M Targorana

Sukhothai 1
(110 seats)


Moderators: Zhang Zhong Tao, THUN INGKAKUL

Pancreatic NET
• Diagnosis and Localization : Jiann-Hwa Chen
• Endoscopic treatment for neuroendocrine tumors : Shirley Liu
• Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cyst Diagnosis : Pradermchai Kongkam
• Endotherapy for pancreatic cyst : Dong-Wan Seo


Moderators : Lawrance Ho Khek-Yu, Prasit Mahawongkajit

Cutting-edge in Bariatric endoscopy
• Bariatric & Metabolic endoscopy : Meeting the unmet need! : Amit Mydeo
• Intra-Gastric Balloon for Obesity - A New Era : Simon Wong
• Endoscopic Management of Bariatric Surgery Complication : Matthew Kroh

Endoscopy in GEJ: too tight and too loose
• Too tight : Achalasia - Current Status of POEM : Matthew Kroh
• Too loose : GERD - Endotherapy of GERD-Is it really possible : Amit Mydeo

Sukhothai 2
(110 seats)
Sukhothai 3
(110 seats)
Pedriatric Pedriatric
(50 seats)
Free paper 8
Free paper 9
(Emerging Innovation and Technologies in Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgery)
Auditorium Theater
(110 seats)
(Master VDO)

Moderators : Hendrik Jaap Bonjer, Davide Lomanto

• Laparoscopic parenchymal sparing anatomical resection Go Wakabayashi
• Laparoscopic surgery of the spleen : Eduardo M Targorana
• How to be a master of laparoscopic suturing : K. Kasama
• Hybrid laparoscopic repair of complex ventral hernia : Anil Sharma
• 7000 laparoscopic gastrectomy in single center experience : Hyung-Ho Kim
• When the Spleen becomes a Nomad; Case presentation of Laparoscopic management of "wandering" spleen causing Intestinal obstruction : Raad AlMehdi

(Black VDO; The nightmare : and How to manage?)

Cutting-edge in Bariatric endoscopy
• Laparoscopic approach for Colorectal anastomotic leakage : Kim seon Hahn